What is the need of end of lease cleaning?


End of lease cleaning is also known as tenant cleaning and it takes a lot of time in completing the total cleaning work. The cleaning work needs to be carried out very carefully will observing cleanliness and maintenance of the property. This type of cleaning is important to get back the bond money as the landlord may find flaws in it and hold back the bond money. It is important is the first stage to go through the agreement carefully and note down the areas that need maintenance.

End of Lease Cleaning

Don’t leave the end of lease cleaning work for last minute as it might take time when you are in hurry and mostly the shortage of time lead to the ignorance of cleaning of the essential areas. Here are the important areas that need focus on end of lease cleaning –

Windows, doors, and walls

Tenants coming to hire a house will inspect the total area for details. Cleaning of doors and windows are important to reflect a good feel of the house.

Carpeted space

Everyone loves a furnished house with wall to wall carpet. Most of the issues arise due to stains on the carpet, dust, and discoloration of the carpet. Carpets can be the main reason for losing the bond money and it is important to take adequate care for complete carpet cleaning.

Kitchen corners

You might be thinking that you have been cleaning kitchen well all the time. Understand that end of lease cleaning is different from routine cleaning. The kitchen corners need total care and cleaning.


A bathroom can be one of the dirtiest places in the house and thus it is important that you clean the place before moving out of your home. The cleaning professionals ensure cleaning of exhaust vents, toilet seat, sinks, washbasin, taps, and tiles.

What to look in a good end of lease cleaning professional in Melbourne?

  1. Check the reputation of the company and when hiring a cleaner company, check their past services. A lot of things depend on the reputation of the company.

  1. End of lease cleaning require the assistance of experienced cleaners and thus check the experience of the cleaning professional. Look for the company with a minimum of ten years of experience.

  1. Always opt for the cleaning company who uses various tools and methods for house cleaning. The use of tools will ensure total cleaning of the home and it will be less time-consuming.

  1. Make sure that the cleaning company you hire guarantees you the recovery of the bond money.

  1. It is important to see whether the company hired for cleaning is reliable or not.

Book an end of lease cleaning professional for cleaning the house and getting back the bond money. To get back the bond money, the landlord needs to be totally convinced about the condition of the home. Hire professionals who have a wide range of experience in house cleaning.

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