Move Out Cleaning

Tenancy agreements demand that you move into a clean house and leave it as clean when you move out. This is a laborious task that could take you days as you attempt to get to every corner and edge of the house. We take the burden from you and seek to make cleaning easy, fast and affordable.

bond back cleaning

Experienced Cleaners

We are the most experienced move out cleaning services in Melbourne. We have been helping clients to clean up when moving out for years. Our team understands the cleaning requirements of different houses and surfaces. We have unique cleaning substances for each surface to protect its integrity and avoid damage. This will ensure that no surface or appliance is damaged during cleaning to avoid being surcharged on your bond.

Emergency Cleaning

Do you want to move out during the day and hand over the house by morning? We are ready to provide emergency cleaning services at will. Our cleaners are ready to work anytime of the day or night. We are also ready for weekend cleaning to enable you hand over the house as soon as possible. We are your trusted move out cleaning services in Melbourne.

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out cleaning is thorough and requires meticulous attention to all corners and edges. Unfortunately, you are in a hurry to organize your next house or how your items will be moved to the next location. We have provided a checklist that gives you an idea of the kind of cleaning required when you are moving out.

  • Dust everything and all surfaces- this includes appliances, walls, windows and ceilings
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Thoroughly clean cabinets and drawers
  • Clean countertops and sinks
  • Scrub all corners of your toilet
  • Scrub showering areas and bathtubs
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Sweep and vacuum all floors
  • Clean window panes, windows and doors

There are unique spaces depending on the nature and design of your house. We will provide a customized quotation that reflects the unique needs of your house. This ensures that attention is given to all surfaces to keep them sparkling clean as you hand over.

Cleaning Special Surfaces

We recognize that all surfaces are not similar. Some are made of wood, tiles, concrete and other materials. Our move out cleaningservices feature experienced cleaners who can handled these surfaces using unique substances and procedures. This will protect the delicate wood or any other surface from scratches or damage by using the wrong substances. This will also ensure that you get all your bond money back.

Moving Out Cleaning Estimates

We provide customized estimates for your move out cleaning needs. This is based on the size of your house and the surfaces that require cleaning. We provide a guarantee that you will only pay for the services that you get. Our customized estimates include the use of approved cleaning substances that are healthy and do not pose any environmental hazards. Call us anytime for the most professional moving out cleaning services in Melbourne.