End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning 

At the end of your lease, you are thinking about finalizing your bills, organizing your bins, packing and transporting your items to the next destination. However, you have an obligation to leave the house clean according to your lease agreement. Allow our professional cleaners to handle your end of lease cleaning needs. This will give you adequate time to reorganize your new address without affecting your work, family or social life.

Our Professional Services

No one will do your end of lease cleaning better than we do. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who understand the need for quality services. They are trained on ecofriendly substances to use on different surfaces to avoid damaging them. They use recommended substances on wood, concrete, walls, window panes and electronic appliances, among other surfaces.

With professional services, there is no risk that any appliance or installation will be damaged. This means that you will get the full bond refund. For property agents and land lords, our professional services will protect your house from scratches or damages that would compromise the appearance of your house.

Cheap Cleaning Services

We provide the cheapest yet most professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne. Some of the special packages include

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Shower screen Cleaning
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Shower recess and tile Cleaning
  • Wipe over Door frames
  • Stove top Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Cabinets, chests, drawers and cupboard Cleaning
  • Floor Vacuuming and Mopping

Our end of lease cleaning services are aimed at helping land lords and property managers to impress potential clients. They are personalized to ensure that you only pay for the surfaces that are cleaned. We will leave all surfaces stunningly clean and free of stains. Call us for the most professional and thorough cleaning services in Melbourne to protect the quality of your surfaces and make your house impressive for the next tenant.

We understand the requirements of end of lease cleaning. Working with different real estate agents, residents and property managers over the years now had made us an ideal moving out cleaning company. Not only is the team at Cheapest Bond Clean reliable and honest but we are one of the only cleaning companies in Melbourne that has a detailed move out clean checklist.


Our Services


Don’t settle for any cleaning company!


Entrust you’re cleaning to Cheapest Bond Clean and assure that the property you move out from looks as it did when you moved in, or better!

As a property manager or landlord you want to impress potential tenants to minimise the period of vacancy. Research shows that a property that has been professionally cleaned before an inspection increases the chance of renting the property by 19% to 32%.

We will tailor the end of lease clean to your needs including thorough house cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and carpet stain removal, windows cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and much more to make your property stunning.

Whether you are a tenant, property manager or landlord you will find the end of lease cleaning Melbourne service from Cheapest bond Clean thorough, and stress free so when the best is what you want, with no ongoing hassle, call us today.